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What is Ziphon?

Ziphon is a high level programming language that focuses on fine grained code reuse. It is implicitely statically typed. Our philosophy is that the key to productivity is to enable the painless creation and use of small libraries.

Example code

All of these are runnable code. Go ahead!

# The classic example
print('Hello, World!')

That was straightforward. Let's do something more involved:

# Printing each line of a file that starts with ">"
@io (file)
file('test.txt').lines().each {|line|
    line.startsWith('>').then {

If this is the first time you see Ziphon, you gotta be asking what that is about. The @io (file) says to import file from the io module. Then we construct a file, get its lines, and iterate over them. Ziphon has no keywords. Instead, each is a method that takes a function and calls it on each element. Function literals are written like this: {|argument1, argument2| ... }; this is a function that takes two arguments and does something (the ...) with them. The function we provide to each takes just one argument though. Inside the function body, we use Ziphon's equivalent of an if-statement. line.startsWith('>') might return either True or False. We use the then method, which calls the function we provide if we got True back. This time, we need no arguments, so we simply leave the vertical bars out of the function literal. The body of the function simply prints out the line to the screen. Phew - what a mouthful! Make sure you understand these three examples though, because when you do, you're ready to sky dive into the code! If that's what you prefer, anyway.

# Summing a list of squared even integers
list := [i * i | i: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], i % 2 == 0]

Wierd, isn't it? That blob in [...] on line 2 is a list comprehension. It is not at all complicated though: it multiplies i by itself to square it; it does so for every i in the list of integers from 1 to 5; and it filters out all those i that are divisible by two (ie. those which are even). To the left of the comprehension we find list :=, which is a definition: we define list to be the result of the list comprehension. The last line simply calls sum on the list and prints out the result.

You can try Ziphon in your browser, or you can go ahead and install it locally. If you'd like to read more, head on over to the documentation section.


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